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Joy Hill

If you like feeling like a strong badass, check out MyJamm! She creates a totally safe and fun environment. I've had so much success achieving my goals with her and I didn't even feel miserable in the process!

10/10 recommend!

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Rose Burns

When I first started working out with Wendy I said that my goal was to feel more capable of keeping up with my physically demanding job. She has created an environment that encourages me to measure my progress by how long I can hold a plank or how strong I feel while completing difficult tasks at work, not by pounds lost. Joining Wendy’s group is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for for my mental and physical health. 


Trysh T-Pain O'connor

I always leave my workouts with Wendy energized, happy and ready for whatever the day is going to throw at me. Exercise helps me to manage my anxiety- I only wish we could workout together daily!!


Ruth Wilner

Our weight workouts are awesome and empowering and when we do things like ball slams, jumping rope, and boxing drills, I have fun moving the way I did when I was a kid! I’ve truly found joy, confidence, and so much more awareness about my body.


Ali Wescott

Wendy has pulled together a fun and fabulous group of supportive women. From the workout sessions to our special events like yoga and boozy brunches, I always have such a blast with our #girlgang! And I love how much stronger and happier I feel when we’re done for the day.

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