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Joy Hill

If you like feeling like a strong badass, check out MyJamm! She creates a totally safe and fun environment. I've had so much success achieving my goals with her and I didn't even feel miserable in the process!10/10 recommend!

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Rose Burns

When I first started working out with Wendy I said that my goal was to feel more capable of keeping up with my physically demanding job. She has created an environment that encourages me to measure my progress by how long I can hold a plank or how strong I feel while completing difficult tasks at work, not by pounds lost. Joining Wendy’s group is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made for for my mental and physical health. 


Stevie Ozier Morrison

I’ve been a client for over a year and Wendy is helping me reshape my relationship to movement and how I see myself. Her workouts are customised to my specific needs and when I’m not feeling up to something, she always finds a way for me to do something that gives me a sense of accomplishment. I am so grateful to have someone in a body like mine who I can trust with my movement practice. It’s a relief knowing I don’t ever have to deal with diet culture creeping into any of our sessions. 


Michelle Cerami

Wendy is warm, vibrant, and is a joy to see x2/week. Her expertise on adaptive and accessible fitness has shifted my perspective on both fitness as a whole and what my body is capable of.


Alex Bodas & Steven Amaral

Wendy strikes the perfect balance between understanding where we're at and pushing us a little further with each week. As a married couple training together, Wendy has managed to learn how we move as individuals, our respective strengths, and areas for growth.


Nichole Walter

As a person in recovery from ED, Wendy has been instrumental in reintroducing me to movement. She has created a space where you can connect to your body without judgment, and find joy in movement. This is the first time in my life where I have ever felt like I could be a strong and capable badass.

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