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Welcome to our Media Appearances page! Here, you'll find a curated collection of our founder Wendy Welsher's inspiring engagements in various media platforms. From thought-provoking podcast discussions to insightful guest speaker events, each appearance showcases our commitment to promoting a more inclusive, empowering, and joyous approach to movement. Explore Wendy's contributions to conversations about fat positivity, inclusive movement, and transformative movement practices. This page celebrates our journey in spreading the message of Joyous Adaptive Momentous Movement to a wider audience, one media appearance at a time. Dive in and join the conversation!



Trust with Special Guest Wendy Welsher

Trust is the knowing that our bodies are living intelligences, giving us immediate feedback about what does and doesn’t work for us. When we stop viewing our bodies as something we need to control and manipulate, we can begin seeing them as very wise teachers. When we start to trust our bodies, we can listen and understand what they need.

Let's talk about diet culture, body positivity, and strength training in menopausal women

In this episode we are talking with Wendy, a local personal trainer and competitive athlete who is big in the educational space when it comes to size inclusion. Topics like diet culture, fatphobia, weight bias, and advocating for yourself.

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It's Working Out
A personal trainer can make your time at the gym more efficient and enjoyable. We asked five trainers to share their fitness philosophies and debunk some myths about the field.


Out of the Ashes of Joyn Comes JIM: Joyful Inclusive Movement

The fitness industry isn’t always kind to bigger people. Until recently, companies making products and services to help you enjoy movement weren’t thinking about inclusivity. That’s changing, though for every brand that embraces its larger customers, there’s one that doesn’t meet its potential, like the Nike-backed body-inclusive fitness platform Joyn, which shuttered last year. The end of Joyn brings us a new platform: Joyful Inclusive Movement, a.k.a. JIM.


The 6 Best Mini-Bands for People With Larger Bodies, According to Personal Trainers

Mini-bands can be an awesome addition to anyone’s workout gear stash: They’re portable, versatile, scalable to different fitness levels, and great for cranking up the intensity of bodyweight exercises. 


To the Finish
Despite the rise in gluten-free trends, seven-day juice cleanses and other popular diets, for many, weight and body perception remain a constant struggle. And, too often, the thought of stepping into a gym filled with fit men and women decked out in neon-colored attire is intimidating enough to keep the pounds hidden and excuses active. For Wendy Welsher, her tipping point appeared in the form of a 300-pound reality check. 


If You’re Mad That a Fitness Instructor Isn’t Skinny, Kindly Get a Grip

At the end of September, Peloton announced its latest lineup of instructors—something they’ve done numerous times before. But this time, one of those instructors got a lot of extra attention. Soon after the initial social posts, Peloton’s newest rowing instructor, Ash Pryor, spoke up about what she called an “overwhelming” number of “disgusting fat-shaming comments” directed at her in response to the news.


In Big Fit Girl, Louise Green describes how the fitness industry fails to meet the needs of plus-size women and thus prevents them from improving their health and fitness. By telling her own story of how she stopped dieting, got off the couch, and unleashed her inner athlete—as well as showcasing similar stories from other women—Green inspires other plus-size women to do the same.

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