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The Phone is NOT your baby!

Today I on IG, I talked about insomnia. Relaying on the phone for an alarm clock can really cause havoc on your sleep! Subconsciencly we hear every little noise that the damn phone makes. Late night texts, spam emails coming through all hours of the night. If you were only dreaming of winning at the slots as the dings were going off!

Throughout the years I have tries various remedies to help me sleep soundly. I think I have finally narrowed it down.

  1. Your bed - is it too hot or too cold? Is it making you toss and turn? Do you wake up in the middle of the night in a panic?

  2. Put your phone in the kitchen and BUY A DAMN ALARM CLOCK! Remember the days when we use to run home from school and wait for the phone to ring!

  3. Stay the fuck off your phone before bed!

  4. Figure out why you have FOMO and see how you can process through it. That has taken me years to work on! Shit I'm still working on it now! That shit is real!

  5. Taking a shower and having a nightly routine, has helped me calm the fuck down after a long day! Shoot - it even feels good getting into your bed nice and clean!

  6. I have found a god scent! Yes, I mean scent! When I subscribed to FabFitFun box it sent me a full size of IT Works DEEP SLEEP COCOON body lotion! Let me tell you that shit works! When I don't use it, I really can tell the next morning when I'm draggin ass out of bed!

  7. Drink Calm before bed. So, I'm a sucker for sour watermelon anything and guess what Calm has! Yup, you guessed it.

  8. MaryRuth's liquid nighttime vitamins.

Now, these are suggestions that have worked for me. Try one or too. It can't hurt, right?

You may like it!

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