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Movement for Everyone: Breaking Down Barriers

Movement is an important part of daily life, but it can be difficult to stay motivated when there are so many perceived barriers. For some, it might be busy schedules or a lack of access to equipment or classes. For others, it could be a sense of feeling excluded due to age, weight, race, gender identity, or sexuality. Whatever your reason is for not moving regularly, let’s break down those barriers and get moving!

Movement should never feel inaccessible. The good news is that there are plenty of ways to get active without having to leave your home or invest in expensive equipment. If you have limited mobility or a person with disabilities, look into virtual exercise classes specifically designed with accessibility in mind. If you’re just getting started on your movement journey and don’t want to commit to a gym membership quite yet, try going on regular walks around the neighborhood with friends or family members. You can also look up online movement videos that require no additional tools. Whether you're looking for light stretching or full body movement, there's something out there for everyone!

Movement doesn't have to be done alone; in fact, it's much more motivating if you do it with friends or family members who can hold each other accountable and cheer each other on during hard times. Creating an inclusive environment is key; this means making sure everyone feels represented and included regardless of their age, weight, race, gender identity, sexuality etc. With more people joining in on the fun—no matter their background—the possibilities are endless! Look into fitness groups in your area that focus on being welcoming and supportive towards all members of the community. You can even create your own group if one doesn't exist already!

There's no denying that starting a new movement journey can seem daunting at first; however it doesn't have to be impossible! We can break down barriers together by focusing on accessibility and creating communities, like MY JAMM, where everyone feels welcome and included regardless of their age, weight, race gender identity or sexuality. Moving your body should be fun and motivating so don't forget to make time for yourself while also staying safe along the way! By following these steps we can help ourselves and others become a stronger version of ourselves - because after all - love starts from within! Let's get moving!

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