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Kaiser Sucks!

If you have Kaiser and have mental health concerns, then you know why i say Kaiser sucks! My therapist recently tried to get my referral for ADHD approved because I have been diagnosed by another provider.

Well the response came in and he said, "According to Tridiuum her PHQ9 score on 9/1/21 was 22, indicating severe depression.  Her GAD score on Tridiuum on 9/1/21 was 17, indicating severe anxiety. This would make an ADHD evaluation unlikely to produce any accurate or useful information, as her currently reported symptoms would not meet Criterion E for ADHD according to the DSM-5, and it is recommended that patient engage in treatment first to address this area of concern.  At this time, ADHD testing is not medically necessary as it would not provide any further information to guide the patient's treatment."

Dude WTF??? Don't you know those are symptoms of ADHD in women!!! I know there are others out there like me, so please take the time to file a grievance and state:

•unable to obtain timely access to mental health care services

•reimbursement for expenses paid out of pocket to obtain mental health care services

•requesting authorization to obtain out of network mental health care services in order to receive the treatment needed for my mental health diagnoses


And of course as of now, their complaint page isn't working properly and neither is their contact web designer. So, I'll update you all very soon on the outcome of this!

Also, if you have been through something similar and if you feel like sharing, please do! I would love to hear what worked for you. We can only make change working together.

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