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Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Is your movement specialist or personal trainer certified? Do they continue their education to make them more knowledgeable about what our community needs? Will they keep you safe from injury. Do they know how to adjust movement to cater to your goals and needs? These are just some of the questions you wanna ask yourself before you wreck yourself.

Just because someone relates with you doesn’t make them qualified to help you in your movement journey. Yes they can relate on how a larger body moves and some of the aches and pains. But what if they cause you injury? What happens then? Now you have to take the time to heal, possibly go to the doctor to make sure it's nothing serious and then rehab the injury. Now, your back to where you started. And that can be discouraging and intimidating, and the downward spiral continues.

All I'm saying is do you homework before you start with a trainer. Meet with them to see if you mesh. You want to make sure you're in a safe space, you get a good vibe and you'll get your needs and goals met. Ask the hard questions, you know what's best for you! Good Luck!

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