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Get ready to embrace the joy of lifting! Let's discover the happiness in getting your body moving!

My Joyous Adaptive Momentous Movement, LLC
 My JAMM Rocks

Feeling dejected in your search for a trainer or coach who truly understands you and your unique needs? Taken aback by the rampant diet culture, fixated on weight loss and restrictions?


Welcome to My JAMM, where we redefine the traditional coaching paradigm. Here, you find a movement coach who mirrors your own journey, creating an authentic, inclusive movement community. In our world, we don't obsess over weight loss - we celebrate the joy and strength that comes with movement!


We delve into the art of selecting the right weights for you, and lead you through the fundamentals of strength, movement, form, and recovery. These invaluable lessons will enhance your training routine and everyday life, fostering trust in your body and rejuvenating your relationship with movement.


Embrace the My JAMM experience today, and let's lift each other up, one weight at a time!

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