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My daily dose of multivitamins!

So, in today's day and age, we all are more aware of how we feel. I have been through so many different styles of vitamins and supplements, I could of boughten a car! LOL. There are now only a few that I religiously take because i can see the results that work for me.

Vitamin D. Even though I am out in the sun a lot, I still take my 10,000 iu's every morning. This is how I keep my mood and energy level elevated!

Fish Oil. I know, I know! It's nasty when you burp up fish oil! Take them at night so you don't get those nasty burps! The great thing about fish oil is that is lubricates your joints and is great for you heart.

Lions Mane Mushrooms. I'm sure most of you know that my dad has Alzheimer's. Because of this we have researched a bunch of supplements that are helpful for brain activity and memory. We found Lions Mane Mushrooms help with brain function and immunity. I use the brand Mushroom Wisdom.

Cebria. This is another brain function supplement. I have seen improvements in my everyday life. With following through with household chores, having more energy and even slowed down on my drinking. Maybe that not because of this supplement, but I'll take it!!

My newest supplements are pictured below. They are all natural and taste pretty good. It's too soon to tell, but I will do a follow up review after 30 days!

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Wendy JIMJAMM Welsher
Wendy JIMJAMM Welsher

I would just double check with your dr to make sure it’s safe for the baby!



Is this breastfeeding safe? Lol

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